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Action for clean water: primary

Teach primary children about clean water.

We have created a unique set of resources to help primary children appreciate the importance of clean water.

The Action for clean water teaching resources are built around an educational video and photo case studies from communities in Kenya.

As they progress through the session, children will:

  • develop their communication and cooperative skills
  • understand the challenges some communities in Kenya face in accessing clean water
  • learn about some ways in which the Kenya Red Cross Society is working with communities in Kenya to help them to overcome these problems.

Suggested age range: 7–11 years old

Curriculum links: PSHE, Geography



Learning objectives

By the end of these activities children will be able to:

  • Explore how they use water in their own lives
  • Understand the impact of not having clean water on other people’s lives
  • Understand that a simple action like hand-washing can stop people getting ill
  • Explore the positive impact of having access to clean water and sanitation (e.g. on education/health)
  • Decide how they would help others who do not have clean water

Start the lesson

Use the downloads bar on the right side of this page to access:

  • A session plan
  • A PowerPoint featuring photo case studies
  • A "Reflecting about water" worksheet.


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