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First aid learning for young people

Help your students develop the skills and confidence to help in a first aid emergency

Our free, interactive teaching resources help you teach first aid to 11–19 year olds.

The resources are:

  • intended to help young people learn simple first aid skills and equip them with the confidence and willingness to act in a first aid emergency
  • designed to be accessible and straightforward for you to use.

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A teenage boy puts pressure on his bleeding arm as a girl calls for help© Info

Resource overview


  • Designed for 11 – 19 year olds, using technology and contexts relevant to them.
  • Covers 16 first aid topics, brought to life by realistic scenarios.
  • Lesson plan templates with curriculum links which can be tailored to your teaching needs.
  • Activities for different age groups, ability levels and settings.
  • Videos, case studies, online quizzes, skill guides and role play activities.
  • Educator dashboard allows you to track and review learners' progress.



Learning is delivered through emotive videos and engaging case studies, using realistic scenarios to help young people explore the roles of casualties, helpers, bystanders, friends and family in different first aid situations. These powerful resources will prompt thought-provoking discussions and interactive lessons.

The resources have been designed specifically to support you in teaching young people of this age range, using technology and contexts relevant to them, to encourage engagement and create an effective learning experience.

Online quizzes, skill guides and role play activities are all used to support young people's learning around this important life skill.


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Restart A Heart Day 2017

Teach life-saving skills

It's Restart A Heart Day on Monday 16 October – a day of action which aims to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to learn life-saving first aid skills.

Last year more than 100,000 young people learned first aid on Restart A Heart Day. This year’s target is 150,000 – can you help to beat it?

You can get involved by:

School children holding a first aid manikin and pledge boards


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