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Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

It’s over a year since Hurricane Matthew swept across the Atlantic. On 4 October it hit the southern peninsula of Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. Following the devastating 2010 earthquake, Haiti was still recovering when Hurricane Matthew swept over the country, adding to and worsening the situation for people already affected.

The impact of the hurricane was immense: over 500 people lost their lives (NOAA 2017) and 2.2 million people were affected. In some areas 90 per cent of homes were destroyed and farming, fishing and small-scale commercial activities were not able to continue because of the devastation. This lead to the loss of incomes and livelihoods. The damage to critical water and sanitation infrastructure contributed to an increase in the number of cholera cases (UNDP 2017).

This set of activities explores the humanitarian impact of Hurricane Matthew and the importance of building resilience now and for the future.

Learning objectives

After taking part in these activities young people will be able to:

  • Explore the impact Hurricane Matthew had on those affected and the response carried out to meet Haiti’s humanitarian needs.

Age range: 11–19
Curriculum links: Geography, PSHE


This resource was written by PJ White of Alt 62 and published in October 2016.


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