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WWI: Operation Ouch


2014 marks 100 years since the start of World War I (WWI).

To mark the Centenary, the British Red Cross has created a suite of eight primary lesson plans which support a CBBC ‘Operation Ouch WWI special’ film. 

The session plans include a variety of classroom activities and discussion ideas all linked to the film.

The film



To view the film simply enter the password "Ouch" and click 'Watch Video'.


Lesson plans and curriculum links

The lesson plans encourage pupils to understand, conceptualise and reflect on the impact of armed conflict from a humanitarian perspective.

Each 40 minute lesson plan is linked to a specific area of the curriculum for 9-11 year olds.

Download the complete resource or choose from individual lesson plans:




Lesson 1: Film and French

Watch the Operation Ouch WWI Special film and learn more about the origin of some common English words and phrases.


Lesson 2: History

See how far prosthetic limbs have come since WWI and write a letter to the Unknown Soldier.


Lesson 3: H&W, PSE, PSHE, PMDU

Think about what it means to improvise and how first aid techniques have developed in the last 100 years.


Lesson 4: PE

Develop skills of working with others and demonstrating tactics within competition whilst learning about infection of wounds during WWI.


Lesson 5: Literacy

Use poetry to explore the physical and emotional impact of WWI on soldiers who fought in it.


Lesson 6: Science

Experiment with the science of sounds and understand how explosions in WWI damaged soldiers’ hearing.


Lesson 7: Maths

Do quick mental calculations and start to understand the vast numbers of people affected by different events during WWI. 


Lesson 8: Art

Make your own poppies to remember the soldiers who died during WWI.




Operation Ouch! is produced by Maverick Television Ltd for CBBC