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Music quiz 2017

Welcome to Newsthink’s end-of-term music quiz, with each round based on YouTube videos.

Questions are provided for a quiz that’s fast-moving and sometimes humorous, with plenty of opportunity for thoughtful discussion and expression of opinion.

The theme is music and adversity. Young people get an opportunity to show what they know. Just as importantly, they can explore how music can be used to help cope in challenging situations as part of their resilience.

Suggested age range: 11–19
Curriculum links: PSHE, Citizenship


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How to run the quiz

One recommended way to use the quiz is to divide the class into teams, each with a team name and captain.

For the Music round and Right the wrong questions, allow a short time for conferring among the team before taking an answer from the captain.

For the Opinion round, ask the team captain to nominate different team members to give an answer. Then award points, out of ten, for the response. Alternatively ask an opposing team to do the scoring and judge, fairly, how well they dealt with the question. Ask students to bear in mind that a thoughtful and well argued reply can be worth points, even if they don't agree with it.

Do the same with the Discussion round, beginning with an answer from a nominated team member, then opening up the discussion to the whole group.

Allow for healthy competition with the scoring, but remember that discussion and exploration is the main point of the quiz. If the group gets interested in a particular statement, create time to follow it up and find out more.

Round 1

Music round

  • What is going on in the video?
  • Who are the performers?
  • Why are they singing with such emotion?


This performance of “My Everything” was part of the One Love Manchester tribute concert. It took place 13 days after the attack in Manchester that killed and injured fans of the singer Ariana Grande. In this clip, Ariana joins the Parrs Wood High School choir. She invited the choir to sing with her after seeing their cover of her song on YouTube.

Right the wrong

Two of these statements are TRUE and one is FALSE. Identify the FALSE statement.

  1. Money raised by the concert went to the We Love Manchester emergency fund.
  2. The police recommended that the tribute concert shouldn’t go ahead.
  3. Two members of the school choir were at the Ariana Grande concert when the attack happened.


FALSE: The police recommended that the tribute concert shouldn’t go ahead.

Greater Manchester Police organised increased security for the event, but never suggested cancelling it.


Opinion round

The first line of “My Everything” is “I've cried enough tears to see my own reflection in them.” Do you think crying with others would help you feel better at a time of sadness? Give your opinion and say why.

Discussion round

Does it matter what music is played at a tribute concert? If so, what is the best music to include? If the type of music doesn’t matter, why not?

Download the quiz to get more music rounds on stories from refugee camps to the Westminster attack.


This resource was written by P J White of Alt62 and published in July 2017.


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