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Photo quiz 2015

Welcome to the 2015 photo news quiz. It's a quiz and a discussion starter. High-quality press photographs jog young people’s memories of the past year's news stories.

The format encourages critical engagement with national and international news stories, open discussion and debate.

Run the quiz in one go, or choose a single photo to explore in tutor time and spread the learning across several sessions.

Download the quiz

How to run the quiz

Divide the group into teams, each with a ‘captain’.

Each round contains the following sections: picture, fact or fiction, opinion, and discussion.

Picture and fact or fiction rounds: allow short conferring among the team, before taking an answer from the captain.

Opinion round: ask the team captain to nominate a team member to respond to the question. [No repeated nominations of the same person should be allowed.]

Award points, say a mark out of ten, for the responses given during the opinion round. Alternatively, ask an opposing team to do the scoring and judge, fairly, how well their competitors dealt with the question.

Remind young people that a thoughtful and well-argued response can be worth points, even if they don't agree with it.

Teams may become competitive with the scoring, but remember that the discussion is the main point of the quiz.

Discussion round: Ask teams to choose a statement from the fact or fiction round and discuss (within pairs, teams, or as a whole group) what they found most surprising about it, what they would like to know more about, and what they would share with others.

If the group gets interested in a particular statement, make time to follow it up and find out more.

Important note: The quiz takes a light-hearted approach. It is meant to be fun as well as educational. However, because it is news-related it refers to events that have badly affected many people. Try to keep in mind the people and stories behind the photos, even while enjoying the quiz.

Round 1: The rope

Picture round

Who is pulling on the rope? Why? What just happened and where? Can anyone name the date? [Award bonus points for best/closest guesses of the date/month.]


The people pulling the ropes are local people and tourists who are responding to a massive earthquake in Nepal.

They are removing rubble, in this case very large pieces of stonework, from an ancient temple that collapsed in the city of Baktapur.

The earthquake struck on Saturday 25 April 2015, and was followed by many aftershocks.

Fact or fiction?

Three of these four statements are TRUE, one is FALSE. Select the one that's false.

  1. In most disasters the first people to respond are not trained rescue teams but local people, or whoever happens to be on the scene.
  2. The Nepal earthquake did not come as a complete surprise — a major earthquake in the region was predicted in advance and people had been preparing for it.
  3. Earthquakes affect rich and poor regions just the same.
  4. Public education is difficult in a developing country. Sometimes children are taught skills, such as emergency preparedness which they can pass on to adults.

The false statement is 3. Buildings in wealthy countries are better able to withstand the shocks of earthquakes because of better design, materials and construction techniques

A note on statement 4: Public education, which costs money, leads to better awareness and can save lives.

Opinion round

Explain how you would get key messages about earthquake preparedness and safety to as many people as possible in a developing country where many people may live in poverty.

Discussion round

Choose the statement from the fact or fiction round that most surprises you OR the one you think more people should know about.

Explain your thinking. What makes it so surprising? Why is it important that it should be more widely known - what difference would that make?

Download the quiz to access more thought provoking photographs on stories from flooding to migration to Ebola.


This resource was written by P J White of Alt 62 and published in December 2015.