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You have been warned

Try this informative, entertaining and occasionally very silly quiz with your group. The theme is hazards and personal safety, with a focus on warning signs.

Download the powerpoint with all three rounds.

Round 1: Multiple choice


1. What does this sign mean? 

Warning sign© Info

a) Clap here
b) Safety gloves must be worn
c) Odd gloves and other lost property




2. What does this sign mean? 

Warning sign© Info

a) Do not extinguish with water.
b) Do not light a fire. If you do we'll put it out.
c) Bucket loads of barbecue sauce available.




3. What does this sign mean? 

Warning sign© Info

a) Please walk with one foot on the pavement and one in the gutter.
b) Dancing on stairs is prohibited.
c) Warning: drop




4. What does this sign mean? 

Warning sign© Info

a) People wearing white will be split down the middle.
b) Iron flat.
c) Safety overalls must be worn.




5. What does this sign mean? 

Warning sign© Info

a) No vehicles carrying explosives
b) No boom cars with loud stereos
c) No entry to cars on bonfire night




6. What does this sign mean? 

Warning sign© Info

a) Broken arrows likely
b) Danger: electricity
c) Take a sharp left, then a sharp right.




7. What does this sign mean? 

Warning sign© Info

a) Extreme caution – Christmas is coming
b) Warning – low temperature
c) Crystals must be worn beyond this point.


Round 2: Shapes of things

The design of signs is not random. Far from it. There is meaning in the colours and shapes. These meanings and descriptions have been jumbled. Ask students to match them. To make it harder, ask them first to draw the shape and colours, without the help from the descriptions.


1. Warning sign – a sign giving warning of a hazard or danger
2. Mandatory signs – setting out behaviour that must be followed
3. Not allowed signs – prohibiting behaviour likely to increase or cause danger


a. round shape, white pictogram on a blue background
b. round shape, black pictogram on white background with red edging 
c. triangular shape, black picture with at least 50% yellow background

Answers: 1c, 2a, 3b

To test that students have followed, have a quick-fire round. For each, say whether it is a warning, mandatory or not allowed:

  • Ear protection must be worn
  • Danger: overhead load
  • No smoking
  • Safety helmet must be worn
  • No access
  • Danger: electricity

Round 3: You draw interlude

Play it like a simplified version of the game Pictionary: someone draws and a team member wins points by guessing the meaning of the sign. Use these phrases to draw and guess, and add your own. Have a timer with a limit of a minute to add urgency and fun.

  1. Beware: poison
  2. Dogs must be carried on the escalator
  3. Beware: slippery floor
  4. Safety helmet must be worn
  5. Do not use lift when fire alarm sounds
  6. No pedestrians
  7. First aid box
  8. Please wash your hands
  9. Emergency exit
  10. Beware – polar bears

Follow up by inviting students to find the standard recognised signs and compare them with their drawings.



This quiz was written by PJ White and produced in June 2012. For more quizzes, sign up to receive newsthink every fortnight by email.


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