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Adults gather around a table, brainstorming ideas© InfoTo celebrate the success of two British Red Cross educational projects, Positive Images & Justice and Fairness, a three day conference was held summarizing the goals, methodologies and benefits of the educational resources.

Humanity in Action conference report (MS Word)
Humanity in Action conference report (Adobe PDF)

The aims of the conference included:

  • The launching, distribution and promotion of Positive Images and Justice and Fairness educational resources internally to Red Cross educators in the British Red Cross and EU National Societies and externally to teachers.
  • To showcase, share learning and good practice on engaging young people on migration and conflict issues based on learning from Positive Images and Justice and Fairness.
  • To build partnerships encouraging future working relationships, particularly future joint projects among Red Cross National Societies linked to upcoming funding bids.
  • To encourage teachers and external educators to integrate conflict and migration issues into their teaching practice and support them in the development of skills to do this.
  • To build and share experiences with EU Red Cross National Societies to develop youth awareness-raising projects and future collaborations and partnerships.

Hosted by the British Red Cross, the three-day event in London marked the end of the projects and aimed to explore the role of young people in the EU in addressing the phenomenon of migration and conflict. Seventy delegates, including representatives from 15 EU Red Cross National Societies, attended the conference.

The conference report captures the key learning and ideas that were shared and generated throughout the conference. It is aimed both at those who attended the conference as well as others who are interested in learning about what the project has achieved to date and what the next steps are for continuing to benefit from the educational resources and how best to independently use them.