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Event first aid and ambulance support

County Durham and Teesside, Northumbria and Cumbria

We support the NHS, public event organisers and individuals through the provision of high quality first aid and ambulance services.

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For event first aid enquiries and booking, please call 0344 412 2738.

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Location Name: 54.880451, -1.593636. Zoom: 10

Service Locations

  • 1. Event first aid and ambulance support, Durham

    Unit C Adelaide Court
    Belmont Business Park

    DH1 1TW

    0344 412 2738

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  • 2. Event first aid and ambulance support, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

    Croft House
    Western Avenue
    Newcastle upon Tyne

    NE4 8SR

    0344 412 2738

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