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Village wardens

Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire

Friendly, knowledgeable, independent and part of the community, village wardens can help find practical solutions to life’s challenges.

Village wardens are British Red Cross staff who use their knowledge of local services to help older people in their community. They are in touch with the Herefordshire Signposting Scheme and can connect people to a wide range of local services, helping people be more independent and remain in their own homes.

Your village warden can:

  • Help outside the home – for instance a village warden can shop, organise transport to hospital or other vital appointments, collect prescriptions or walk the dog.
  • Help inside the home – by popping in for a chat, your village warden can listen to concerns or worries and begin to help you find solutions.
  • Encourage – by introducing and accompanying people to clubs and local activities, a village warden can provide support, as daily routines are re-established and confidence returns.
  • Provide information – your village warden can help you gain access to financial and practical support service, help you fill out forms, pay bills and write letters.
  • Follow up – when the worst is over, your village warden can stay in touch, helping you remain independent and in contact with your community.

A village warden currently operates in Colwall. Please contact our Hereford office below for more information.

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6 Harrow Road
Plough Lane

01432 373020

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    1. Village wardens, Hereford

    Office M, The Kindle Centre
    Asda Supermarket
    Belmont Road

    HR2 7JE

    01432 373020

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  • 1. Village wardens, Hereford

    Office M, The Kindle Centre
    Asda Supermarket
    Belmont Road

    HR2 7JE

    01432 373020

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“At 96, I have outlived my wife and most of my friends (and enemies), so without the village warden I could not have managed this last year. I’m now on the way to recovery – walking, driving and generally making a nuisance of myself.”  

Beneficiary of the village warden scheme in Herefordshire  

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