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Gypsy Roma and traveller support

Staffordshire, West Midlands and Warwickshire

The Circles project supports gypsy, Roma and traveller communities living in Birmingham and a similar project supports people from this community living in Solihull. We provide information and help with:

  • finding affordable, decent and suitable housing
  • completing license and tenancy mortgage applications
  • obtaining essential housing items and connection to essential utilities
  • organising repairs and improvements to homes
  • budgeting effectively
  • accessing community facilities and local services
  • accessing health and social care providers
  • accessing cultural services
  • accessing welfare, rights, employment and education services, the Citizens Advice Bureau, benefits agencies and other specialist services.

We ensure that people using the service are safe and secure in their homes and undertake advocacy for people whose first language is not English. Through advice and guidance we promote independent living.

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    GEO: 52.474939, -1.882589

    1. Gypsy, Roma and traveller support

    Bradbury House, 7 Lowe Street
    Camp Hill

    B12 0ER

    0121 7727 340

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Service Locations

  • 1. Gypsy, Roma and traveller support

    Bradbury House, 7 Lowe Street
    Camp Hill

    B12 0ER

    0121 7727 340

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