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Transport support

East Scotland

We offer support to people affected by crisis by providing transport for medical appointments and essential daily needs.

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If you are a health and social care commissioner, please look at our information for commissioners.

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Service Locations

  • 1. Transport support, Dundee

    51 Cowgate

    DD1 2JF

    01382 200084

    Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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  • 2. Transport support, Galashiels

    1 Wheatlands Mill
    Wheatlands Road

    TD1 2HQ

    01896 751888

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  • 3. Transport support, Glenrothes

    Unit 18 East Field Business Park
    Newark Road South

    KY7 4NS

    01592 770459

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  • 4. Transport support, Perth

    Royal British House
    113 Leonard Street

    PH2 8HA

    01738 622474

    Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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Living with Parkinson’s disease can be difficult for Renate – so she was grateful when our volunteer called round to help.

Carer Phillip got Red Cross support and now he has learnt specialist skills, met new people and is busy helping party goers over the festive season.

When disabled pensioner Maureen Gallagher needed extra support at home, the Red Cross stepped in to help.

When Mark Summers was diagnosed with cancer, he faced a 100-mile round journey to hospital every day.

After caring for her grandfather, Steffi felt inspired to volunteer for the Red Cross – which eventually led to her dream job.

After her leg was amputated, Lorna Williams was desperate to return home – but didn’t realise how difficult it would be coping alone.

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Woman at her front door greeting the volunteer who's bringing her groceries

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