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Mobility aids

West Scotland

We provide short-term loans of mobility aids to people in need, including wheelchairs, and, in some locations, commodes.

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If you are a health and social care commissioner, please look at our information for commissioners.

For information regarding medical loan in Lockerbie, Castle Douglas and Stranraer please contact our Dumfries office.

Step 1. Contact Us

4 Nasmyth Place
G52 4PR

0141 8914 000

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Step 2. Service Locations

  • 1. Mobility aids, Ayr

    18 Wellington Square

    KA7 1HA

    01292 263946

    Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
    Saturday 10am - 4pm

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  • 2. Mobility aids, Bellshill

    5 Hunter Street
    Bellshill, Lanarkshire

    ML4 1RN

    01698 743594

    Tuesday to Friday 10am-3pm

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  • 3. Mobility aids, Campbeltown

    Kirk Street, Campbeltown

    PA28 6BL

    01546 602386

    Red Cross Shop 1:30pm-4pm
    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

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  • 4. Mobility aids, Cumbernauld

    Glenhove Road, Cumbernauld

    G67 2LF

    01236 722300

    Tuesday & Friday 10am-12:30pm
    Wednesday to Thursday 10am-3pm

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  • 5. Mobility aids, Dumfries

    North Lodge

    DG1 2RZ

    01387 739852

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  • 6. Mobility aids, Dunoon

    66 George Street

    PA23 8BW

    01369 703701

    Wednesday, Thurs & Friday 10am-12pm

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  • 7. Mobility aids, Glasgow

    4 Nasmyth Place
    Hillington, Glasgow

    G52 4PR

    0141 891 4000

    Monday to Friday 10am-3pm

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  • 8. Mobility aids, Helensburgh

    116 East Princess Street

    G84 7DQ

    01436 672507

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30am-12:30pm

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  • 9. Mobility aids, Isle of Mull

    The Red Cross Hut
    Salen, Aros
    Isle of Mull


    01546 602386

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  • 10. Mobility aids, Lochgilphead

    Union Street

    PA31 8JS

    01546 602386

    Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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  • 11. Mobility aids, Rothesay

    Barone Road
    Isle of Bute

    PA20 0DP

    01436 672507

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  • 12. Mobility aids, Stranraer

    Glen Street, Stranraer

    DG9 7EP

    01776 702969

    Tuesday 10am-12pm
    Thursday 1pm-3pm

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Click below to make an online request for help from our mobility aids service



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Mobility aids

We offer the following mobility aids for loan in your area:

  • wheelchairs
  • commodes

Borrow a wheelchair

Nearly everyone who has their own wheelchair from us has their own crisis. Our UK volunteers help people in crisis every single day.

Read stories of people we've helped

When Eve O’Malley fractured her ankle, it looked like she’d be stuck at home – until we provided a wheelchair.

When Osian Nash broke his leg, the most upsetting thing was the prospect of missing his favourite rugby team’s big game.

Diana Spooner was facing ten weeks stuck in a chair following an operation, but our wheelchair soon had her racing around again.

Win and her fiancé were looking forward to tying the knot when she broke her ankle – but thanks to us she still made her big day.

After her leg was amputated, Lorna Williams was desperate to return home – but didn’t realise how difficult it would be coping alone.

Difficulties with walking meant that Colin was missing out on his beloved air shows – but our loan of a wheelchair soon had him soaring again.