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Event first aid and ambulance support

Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

We support the NHS, public event organisers and individuals through the provision of high quality first aid and ambulance services.

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Service Locations

  • 1. Event first aid and ambulance support, Abingdon

    Red Cross House
    Colwell Drive
    Abingdon, Oxfordshire

    OX14 1AU

    08444 122 738

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  • 2. Event first aid and ambulance support, Reading

    John Nike House
    90 Eastern Avenue
    Reading, Berkshire

    RG1 5SF

    08444 122 738

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When Leanne spotted her baby having a febrile seizure, her first aid knowledge helped give her daughter the support she needed.

When a man suddenly collapsed at a busy airport, Brigitte Bellwood didn’t hesitate to act.

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