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Overseas Branches

The British Red Cross has eight Overseas Branches. These countries are classed as British Overseas Territories, meaning they are subject to the British government. The Red Cross’ fundamental principle of unity means that every country can only have one Red Cross National Society, so the Branches on these islands also form part of the British Red Cross.

What our Overseas Branches do

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Our Overseas Branches work on everything from teaching first aid to preparing for disasters.

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Our Overseas Branches

From educating young people about HIV to responding to disasters – find out about what we do and how you can get involved.

Find out about our disaster response, first aid, and HIV work, as well as our thrift store and volunteering.

We work on a variety of different projects in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Read about them and the ways that you could help us.

From learning first aid to volunteering on our projects - there's plenty you can do with the Montserrat Red Cross.

If you'd like know more about the work of our Anguilla branch or ways to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

Our Bermuda Red Cross branch works in the local community. Contact them to find out ways that you can help out.

Find out about our work in the Falklands Islands branch. Contact the branch to find out ways you can get involved.

If you live in Gibraltar, you can contact our branch to find out what the team are working on and what you could do to help.


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    We educate people in life-saving skills, enabling them to respond to emergencies.

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    We sell and need: good quality clothes, designer brands, books, furniture and more.

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