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Disaster management

A building in the Cayman Islands that was destroyed by a hurricane© InfoThe Cayman Islands Red Cross disaster management programme includes two distinct elements – disaster preparedness and disaster response.

Before a disaster happens, we prepare our community by educating them in the types of disasters they may encounter, from hurricanes and flooding to fires and crime.In Grand Cayman, we have a container project that can provide one shipping container of essential supplies in each of the seven districts as well as Cayman Brac and Little Cayman so we can get aid to people quickly. We also have a mobile disaster response unit, helping us work from the heart of the disaster zone.

When disaster strikes we meet the immediate needs of the people and communities affected by providing shelter and health services to the vulnerable. Once the danger is over, we help people recover.


A Cayman Islands Red Cross vehicle stands ready to respond to an emergency© InfoOur volunteers are trained in all areas of disaster services, including community disaster education, disaster preparedness and response.

If you live in the Cayman Islands and are interested in becoming a disaster service volunteer, please call (001) 345-949-6785 ext 22 or email Danielle Coleman at

Read advice from the Cayman Islands Red Cross on how to be prepared for a hurricane

Past disasters

Volunteers put sandbags in front of a house's door in the Cayman Islands© Info Cayman Islands prepare for Tropical Storm Dolly

Red Cross volunteers in the Cayman Islands spent a day helping residents prepare for flooding from Tropical Storm Dolly.

Prepared for Hurricane Dean

The Cayman Islands were spared the full force of Hurricane Dean in July 2007, but the Cayman Islands Red Cross was prepared for the worst.


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