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Coldweather sign in winter

Don’t get left in the dark this winter

24 Oct 2014

Winter’s a time for snowmen, hot toddies, woolly scarfs – and sudden power-cuts. Make sure you don’t get caught out this year.

Men and women walk among damaged buildings

Syrians face hunger without urgent funding

23 Oct 2014

More money for food aid to help people in Syria is urgently needed, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has warned.

Harrods staff in a British Red Cross charity shop

The Apprentice: Harrods staff take over our charity shops

20 Oct 2014

Harrods staff take over our charity shops in an Apprentice-style challenge.

Volunteers with the Guinea Red Cross disinfect the Ratoma hospital in Tahouay, suburb of Conakry

Ebola outbreak "biggest threat" since civil war

25 Sep 2014

Sierra Leone is facing its biggest threat since the end of the civil war, according to the head of the country's Red Cross society.

Volunteer discusses an incident with a fireman

Volunteers respond as World War munitions found

19 Sep 2014

Our emergency team was called upon after World War One and Two munitions were discovered at a house in Bicester.

Bangladesh Red Crescent give families food amid the floods

Floods bring chaos to South Asia

16 Sep 2014

As heavy monsoon rains cause devastation across South Asia, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is bringing vital help – from food and medical care to emergency shelter.

Woman and man comforting a girl sitting on the floor with a tea towel cold compress applied to her head.

First aid apps encourage people to help

12 Sep 2014

The next time you get annoyed by someone playing with a smartphone next to you, just remember – they might hold the key to saving your life.

Red Cross volunteers handling the body of an Ebola victim in Sierra Leone

Appeal for funds as Ebola crisis escalates

08 Sep 2014

The Red Cross is stepping up its relief effort in West Africa as the death toll from the Ebola outbreak passes 1,900.

Man speaking at a refugee service centre in England

Red tape and delays leave refugees in poverty, says report

28 Aug 2014

Refugees are falling destitute after getting government permission to stay – as they are not given enough time or support to sort out vital paperwork.

Writing competition winner Holly Snowdon and her mum

Teen wins Day of the Disappeared writing competition

28 Aug 2014

Holly Snowdon channelled her own feelings of loss to create a powerful and moving poem that proved a winner.


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