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Ready for winter

© InfoSevere weather can strike quickly and cause major disruption to our homes, families and communities.

The good news is that, with a few simple steps, it’s easy to prepare for emergencies.

We are working with the UK and Scottish governments to help people to be prepared for sudden snow, storms, flooding and other winter emergencies:

  • Take time now to prepare an emergency kit full of essentials for your home, your car and when you’re on the move
  • Stay informed about bad weather – check severe weatherand flood warnings from the Met Office
  • Read our information about flooding – including how to prevent it, how to cope when it strikes, and what to do afterwards
  • Don't have time to learn first aid? Download our first aid mobile app - it's free, and could help you save a life 
  • Make sure you have alternative ways to keep warm in case your home heating is disrupted.

During severe weather

  • Check on neighbours, family and friends - especially those who live alone - to see if they need help
  • Clear snow or ice from pathways of those who can’t do it themselves

For schools

Prepare young people for snow and ice with the collection of wintry activities in our teaching resource, and the Education Scotland emergencies resource.