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Tuberculosis (TB) is the single most deadly infectious disease in the world. In 2013, TB killed 1.5 million people and around 9 million new cases were diagnosed. Asia and Africa are the hardest hit but Eastern Europe has also recently seen a major increase in deaths related to TB after many years of steady decline.

The British Red Cross supports people with TB in Turkmenistan, and helps combat TB through a community-based health programme in Liberia.

Two major challenges in the fight against the illness are the increase of cases that are resistant to first line drugs used to treat the disease and co-infection with HIV. Community action is key to providing an effective response to reduce the number of TB infections and related deaths and must include the participation of affected people and their families.

Helping people with TB in Turkmenistan

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From food parcels to friendly words, our support changes lives.

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In Turkmenistan, help in the battle against TB can be life-changing – for carers as well as those with the illness.

Mother-of-two Larisa Pisareva was shocked to learn she had TB. The news meant months of treatment – and a long separation from her daughters.

Arsene Avchyam overcame TB after months of treatment. Now he makes sure his friends and customers learn more about this potentially deadly illness.

After overcoming tuberculosis, 63-year-old Yasova is now a Red Crescent volunteer in Turkmenistan helping other sufferers.


Life with TB

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From shock to treatment - hear from three people who beat the illness with our help.

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