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Humanitarian Citizen Awards

A celebration of young people and the extraordinary things they do.

Every day in the UK young people are doing extraordinary things to make a difference to the lives of others. They are giving first aid, helping vulnerable people, taking part in campaigns and fundraising huge amounts for charity.

The British Red Cross wants to celebrate these extraordinary young people by holding the 12th annual Humanitarian Awards for children and young people.

Who you can nominate

There are four different categories: 

  • Fundraising: know someone who has shaved their head or run a marathon for charity? 
  • First aid: know a young person who has put someone in the recovery position or helped treat a broken bone? 
  • Community action: has anyone gone out of their way to help your local community? 
  • Volunteering: do you know anyone who helps the homeless or who cares for older or vulnerable people? 

There are awards for each individual category plus an overall award. 

Nominations are open to both individuals and groups of young people who can be seen to be making a difference.

Short-listed nominees will be invited to the awards ceremony which takes place in the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster. Winners will receive a fantastic prize kindly offered from the event sponsors Canon.

Nominate a young person

2015 winners: educating people about knife crime

The Inverclyde Peer Group won the community action and overall awards in 2015. They come from an area that had high rates of knife crime. This group of 16- to 20-year-olds wanted to do something about it. 

They ran workshops for over 180 people, including young people and youth groups. They also took part in talks and training with groups such as the local alcohol team and the Red Cross to grow and develop. 

Knife crime in their area reduced by 80 per cent. The group were invited by government to do a six-month research project, gathering information about knife crime and trends to try and replicate their success in the whole of Scotland.

  • The winner of the first aid award was Alex Mountain, 23, from Cardiff who helped the victims of a car accident. 
  • Will Grange, 17, from Hampshire won the fundraising award after raising over £8,000 for various different charities. As part of this he camped outside every night for an entire year. 
  • The volunteering prize was awarded to Reuben, 21, who donated huge amounts of his time to volunteering for different causes, including LGBT awareness workshops. 

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