First aid learning for Welsh schools

Help put first aid teaching on the new Welsh curriculum.

The British Red Cross have long called for first aid and life-saving skills education to be taught in schools for children and young people across the UK.

New curriculum in Wales

The Welsh Government is currently developing its new curriculum for primary and secondary schools. First aid and life-saving skills are mentioned as a suggested topic within the Health and Wellbeing component of the new curriculum. However, we want the new curriculum to guarantee the creation of future generations of life-savers.

How you can help

We’re encouraging children, young people, parents, teachers and the public to tell the Welsh Government why first aid and life-saving skills should be included in the new curriculum from primary through to secondary education.

You can do this by contacting the Welsh Government to show the importance of first aid education. You may want to mention that it:

  • Increases the number of children and young people able to help in an emergency, creating a future generation of life-savers
  • Promotes children and young people’s understanding of their own health and how to stay healthy
  • Empowers children and young people to be self-confident and resilient, as well as to understand risks
  • Creates positive social skills and a sense of community responsibility.

You can also share stories of how you or someone else knowing first aid has had a positive outcome.

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