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Hundred 2 Hundreds application form

This form will time-out in 20 minutes. If you have difficulty completing the form in time, you can download an offline version on the hundred2hundreds page.

Your project leader

* Mandatory

The project leader will oversee the project to ensure it runs smoothly and will be the main contact with our fundraising support team

Your treasurer

* Mandatory

Please enter the contact details of your nominated treasurer (who must be over 18 years of age)

The treasurer will be in charge of spending the £100 given to your team by the British Red Cross. The treasurer must be over 18 years of age and could be for example a teacher at your school or parent of one of your team members. They will be responsible for budgeting and keeping accurate records of how the money is spent.

Keeping in touch

As part of the Red Cross we’d love to email, mail and phone you, to tell you about the amazing difference you have made. We’d also like to let you know about other events, and how you can donate and get involved in the future. Please let us know your preferences below.

You can change the way we communicate with you at any time by contacting or by visiting

We’ll never sell or pass your details to anyone who isn’t directly working on our behalf and we promise to keep your details safe and secure.