Being a Bystander 360° video

Would you step in to help someone in need?

What is the bystander effect?

The bystander effect is about the reluctance of bystanders to get involved in an emergency, including a first aid emergency.

It’s more likely to occur in situations where you might not feel so responsible for helping, such as if there are lots of other people around who are perfectly capable of helping instead.


How it works

The 360° video offers a fully immersive, visual experience from the point of view of a group of bystanders.

Click and drag the mouse around the screen to explore the situation and see how it develops.

Being a Bystander 360° video

Being a bystander is a five minute 360° video experience. Discover the barriers that prevent people from helping in an emergency and learn how to overcome them.

Watch the 360° video on YouTube or download the video player app for Google Play, iOS or Oculus Gear.

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