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The causes that the Tiffany Circle supports.

Mother in Kenya feeding her baby supplement food.

A woman feeds her baby in Kenya

Since 2012, the UK Tiffany Circle has raised over £2.3 million for the British Red Cross.

All our members have a say in how donations are used. We come together to decide which projects to fund.

We support the most vulnerable people in the most vulnerable places.

Women and girls

The Tiffany Circle supports women and girls in the UK and abroad.

We want to improve the lives of those who are most vulnerable. We also empower women to have a positive impact on their communities.

People living in countries at risk of natural disaster or conflict

Simple measures save lives.

We support the British Red Cross to work with vulnerable communities to help them prepare for emergencies. We make sure they’re ready to respond when disaster strikes.

Refugees and victims of trafficking in the UK

The British Red Cross supports refugees and victims of modern slavery in the UK.

We help those affected to rebuild their lives with dignity. We ensure their voices are heard.

Projects funded by the Tiffany Circle

Reuniting families divided by conflict and disaster: UK

Conflicts around the world have forced millions of people to flee their homes.

As a result, families are being torn apart.

In 2015, over 60 million people were recorded as being displaced. Over half of these are children.

With the Tiffany Circle’s support, the Red Cross helps to reunite families in the UK. We work with 189 other Red Cross National Societies to trace and locate loved ones. 

We also provide legal and financial support to help bring families back together and help those affected by war and natural disasters adjust to life in a new country.

Find out more by downloading our report on reuniting families (PDF).

Helping victims of sexual violence: Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been plagued by decades of violent conflict. 

As a result, sexual violence against women has risen. 

Rape and sexual violence are stigmatised in the DRC. Victims are often disowned by their families and communities. Many women are forced to leave their livelihoods and homes. As a result, they often face destitution.

Tiffany Circle support funds a programme that gives survivors a series of staggered cash grants totaling $500. It also provides training on budget management and income generation. These grants allow women to rebuild their livelihoods and reintegrate into communities.

The programme also provides psychological and emotional support to survivors and works to build stronger communities that support victims of abuse.

Giving help to trafficked people: UK

Modern slavery is a growing problem in the UK.

According to official government figures, the number of people being trafficked into Britain has increased by 245 per cent since 2011.

Over half of these victims are women and girls.

The Tiffany Circle funds an initiative called Your Space. This project identifies potential victims of trafficking. It also provides psychosocial and practical support to help victims of trafficking rebuild their lives.

Find out more by downloading our report on trafficked people (PDF).

Giving the gift of clean water: Kenya

Over 14 million people in Kenya don’t have access to toilets or clean water. This has a devastating impact on communities. Worldwide, a child dies every 20 seconds from diseases associated with dirty water and poor sanitation.

Many children are too ill to go to school and gain an education. This means communities become trapped in a cycle of poverty. 

With the Tiffany Circle’s support, the Red Cross is constructing a network of water points and toilets that will give over 160,000 people access to better sanitation. 
The Red Cross also informs schools and communities about the importance of health and sanitation.

Poor hygiene and sanitation mostly affect women and girls, who often care for sick relatives. They’re the people who benefit most from our donations.

Find out more by downloading our report on Kenya (PDF).

Keeping mothers and children healthy: Afghanistan

War and natural disasters have had an isolating impact on villages in Afghanistan.

With little or no access to health care, one in ten children die before their fifth birthday and many women die during childbirth.

Since 2008 the British Red Cross has helped to educate communities about pre- and post-natal health, healthy eating and hygiene. It’s also provided sources of clean water and nutrition, even in remote areas. 

The child mortality rate in areas where the Red Cross is working is now less than half of the national average. 

We want to expand this programme to six new project areas and provide much-needed health education and medical care. 

Find out more by downloading our report on Afghanistan (PDF).

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