Old Farmhouse Cold Harbour

A 30-year-old garden with a variety of areas to explore

Pink Flowers

17 June 2018

Entrance fee:
£5, children under 12 go free
2.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Garden owners:
David and Karen Gunner

For all enquiries, please get in touch with Cathy Curtis by email at CCurtis@redcross.org.uk or by phone 01992 585969

The owners put in the garden 30 years ago, planting a variety of borders, trees and hedges.  Over the years, the borders were adapted to suit the clay soil and windy and frosty conditions. Many plants were lost along the way!  

Brick paths join and unify the various areas of the garden.  A large herb garden is found behind the house.  

The garden is constantly a work in progress, and the oldest border was renovated November 2017. 

There are a few small steps in one area.



  • Wheelchair access
  • Refreshments
  • Dogs allowed
  • Plant stall