Download a Red Cross teaching guide and poster

Download a teaching pack, including a guide to our resources and a poster.

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Teaching guide
Conflict, Disasters and emergencies, First aid and the bystander effect, Humanitarianism and the Red Cross, Newsthink

Our free to download teaching guide covers the range of resources and workshops we offer for primary and secondary teachers. The lesson plans and activities will help children and young people (ages 5 – 19) learn about topics related to the British Red Cross’ work. 

We’ve also produced a poster for primary schools and one for secondary schools with inspiring teaching ideas from the Red Cross.  

What's in the guide?

1. Our most popular resources on:

  • humanitarianism and the Red Cross
  • conflict and its consequences
  • disasters and emergencies
  • first aid
  • refugees and migration

2. Testimonials from teachers and students who've used our resources.

3. Information about workshops we offer in areas where young people are at higher risk of experiencing a crisis.

4. Fundraising and volunteering ideas for young people to support the Red Cross.

A primary school poster with: 

  • 17 engaging ideas for primary school lessons.
  • inspiration for activities relating to the work of the Red Cross, from learning how to dial 999 to remembering World War One.
  • an A2 size layout so you can easily print and display in your classroom or staff room.

A secondary school poster with:

  • 10 inspiring ideas to bring humanitarian action into your secondary school lessons.
  • engaging activities to liven up tutor group time, including first aid skills and topical discussions.
  • an A2 size layout so you can easily print and display in your staff room.


Photo of schoolchildren © David F/iStock