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Keeping in touch

It is only by keeping in touch with our supporters that we can achieve what we do, whether during emergencies or day to day. We try to do this in a number of ways, by sending letters of appeal, e-mailing and sending texts when a crisis unfolds, or calling to raise awareness of the importance of regular gifts. To help us communicate with you in a way that suits you, please complete the sections below, indicating your preferences. Please be aware that if you opt out of all communications, we will not be able to let you know how your gifts are helping or get in touch with you during an emergency.

Supporter Reference

If you have received a letter from the British Red Cross, please help us to identify the details on our database by providing the reference number printed just under the address. If this letter is not addressed to you, then please email or call us on 0300 456 11 55.

(e.g: 7654321/123456 or C0123456/123456)

Your details

* Mandatory

If you want to remove multiple people at your address, please enter each person separately, or send your request to

Address details

* Mandatory

If your current address is different from the one we have mailed you on, please e-mail with your change of address and preferences

Otherwise please enter your details below, using the address look up, or manually if you prefer.

Look up your address

Your full address

You can enter your postcode in the field above and our system will fill in your address below. If your address doesn't look correct, you can change it in the fields below.

You can also type your full address into the fields below, without using the address lookup.




Text messages

Fundraising door to door

There is currently no central list that allows individual households to ‘opt out’ of house to house calls. If you would rather our fundraisers did not knock, then please display a sign on your door. Although this may not be effective in deterring all cold callers, anyone calling with legitimate purpose should observe this notice.

If you have any concerns about a vulnerable person being called on, please call our Supporter Care team on 0300 456 11 55 who will be happy to help in whatever way they can.

Your privacy

The British Red Cross (including BritCross Ltd) will collect data from you to process your donation, personalise your supporter experience or provide you with the goods or services you have requested. Personal details collected this way will only be used to provide you with information you would reasonably expect or have agreed to. To see what this may include read more.

This may include using your data, in combination with public data sources, to analyse, research and profile our donor base, so that our marketing communications with you and others are appropriate and cost-effective. You can withdraw your consent to us using your data in this way at any time by contacting our Supporter Care team on 0300 456 1155 or by e-mailing We promise to make all reasonable efforts to keep your details secure and will only share them with suppliers working on our behalf. Except as required by law, we will never share your details with other organisations to use for their own purposes. For full details, see our Privacy Policy online or contact our Supporter Care team.

Thank you

It is thanks to the generosity of supporters like you who respond to our appeals that we are able to achieve so much, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support you have given and the lives you have saved.

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