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Welcome to our charity shops

Because of coronavirus restrictions, please use the search tool below to find out if your local shop is open. You can always shop via our eBay, ASOS, and online gift shops.

Young Woman Admires Jacket On A Hanger in a charity shop

Please check if your local shop is open

Some of our shops are closed because of lockdown or other coronavirus restrictions. So please use the search tool above to check if your local shop is open or temporarily closed. You can also see a breakdown of shop openings by country

During this time, our shops may be open at different hours to normal. Please call your local shop before visiting to check its opening hours so that we don’t miss you!

The wellbeing of our customers, donors, staff and volunteers is, as always, our main priority. To make sure you have a safe and enjoyable visit, we have put safety measures in place across our shops. 

In line with current government restrictions for home nations, all customers and donors visiting our shops in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland must please wear face coverings while in store.

We hope to see you soon.

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