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young girl with nosebleed

“Alexa, open first aid”: Red Cross launches first aid education skill for Amazon Alexa

12 Apr 2017

The British Red Cross has launched a new first aid education app to allow people to access spoken first aid advice in their home.

Emergency response volunteers unloading equipment from vehicle

Westminster attack: how we help after an emergency

23 Mar 2017

A team of Red Cross volunteers was ready to help people affected by yesterday’s attack. But what do we do in the aftermath of an emergency?

woman holds baby in hospital

Red Cross launches East Africa Crisis Appeal

09 Mar 2017

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal as millions of people across East Africa face critical food shortages.

Hands holding

Red Cross welcomes Spring Budget social care funding and long-term plan

08 Mar 2017

The British Red Cross welcomes the government’s announcement to allocate £2 billion to social care in the UK and the recognition of a long-term plan.

destitute asylum seeker

Red Cross report reveals plight of asylum seekers trapped in destitution

05 Mar 2017

A new Red Cross report has revealed the bleak situation faced by refused asylum seekers in the UK.

Students at Queens Park School learning first aid

Red Cross thrilled by first aid opportunity of PSHE announcement

02 Mar 2017

The British Red Cross is thrilled by government plans that could see all children in England learning first aid at school.

destitute asylum seeker

Young refugees write letter inspired by closure of Dubs Amendment

22 Feb 2017

A group of young refugees and asylum seekers have written a letter appealing for safer routes for children fleeing conflict or persecution.

Red Cross worker helps child on rescue boat

Closure of Dubs scheme brings risks to child refugees

09 Feb 2017

The Red Cross is concerned for the welfare of thousands of unaccompanied children across Europe following a decision by the UK Government to close a viable route to safety.

destitute asylum seeker

Red Cross figures show refugee destitution on the rise

02 Feb 2017

Thousands of refugees and asylum seekers are being left destitute in the UK without the support they are entitled to from government.

A man stands alone in his home looking out of a window

Red Cross part of newly launched Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness

31 Jan 2017

The British Red Cross is proud to be part of the cross-party Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness being launched today in parliament.


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