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    We educate people in life-saving skills, enabling them to respond to emergencies.

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    We sell and need: good quality clothes, designer brands, books, furniture and more.

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Phone app brings shelter after Typhoon Haiyan

How are volunteers using a phone app to help thousands of people affected by the disaster rebuild their lives? 

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Volunteer and client share a joke

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the British Red Cross. Could you be one of them?

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The magnificent six first-aiders

When a pensioner had a nasty fall and knocked himself unconscious, six schoolkids didn’t hesitate to help.

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WWI: Red Cross pyjamas

Suranne Jones, Hermione Norris and Oona Chaplin wear nursing uniform from the BBC's The Crimson Field

Our volunteers made thousands of hospital pyjamas during WWI. Read about their work and the strict rules on uniforms.

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Syria: Compassion in Conflict

Please make a donation to the Syria: Compassion in Conflict appeal

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