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How do we protect our Ebola fighters?

Two members of a Liberian Red Cross safe and dignified burial team prepare to pray before entering a home.

Aid workers fighting Ebola make huge personal sacrifices to save lives in West Africa. But how do we protect our staff and volunteers?

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Marjorie Stacey from Poole was helped by the assisted discharge scheme

Join our friendly team of volunteers and do something positive for your community. Browse our volunteering roles to find something that suits you.

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Feeding Europe's hungry after the Second World War

The feeding painting by Max Huber 1948.

It's 1948 - and living conditions in Germany are shocking. Artist Max Huber was there to capture the hunger, homelessness and humanitarian help.

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Baby and child first aid app

An adult hand holding a baby's hand, with screenshot of the Baby and Child First Aid app

With first aid advice always at hand, keep the little ones safe with our free first aid app.

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Ebola Outbreak Appeal

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