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National campaign highlights Red Cross UK services

21 September 2012

The British Red Cross has launched a compelling nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the support it offers throughout the UK.

A TV advert aired nationally from Monday September 24 as part of the charity’s first UK-wide drive to reach the public.

Sir Nicholas Young, British Red Cross chief executive, said:  “People often associate us with providing aid in disaster-struck countries. But it is not only communities overseas that need Red Cross support. Last year we helped more than a million people in crisis in the UK.”

Refusing to ignore people in crisis

The Red Cross believes a crisis includes everything from a house fire to an illness that leaves someone struggling to cope alone – and provides a range of services nationwide to help those affected.

The organisation has seen an increase in the amount of people in crisis, and figures show that the number of people using Red Cross services – such as emergency response teams, care in the home programmes and first aid provision – stands at almost 1.1million in the last 12 months.

“We expect the number of people in need of our services to rise further, yet almost 90 per cent of the public don’t even realise we have so much local support on offer that can ease the burden,” said Sir Nicholas.

He added: “From our emergency teams who help when a community is hit by flooding or a fire, to our health and social care services for the elderly and vulnerable – we step in to help people who need it most.”


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