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Who we are

We are a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are.

We enable vulnerable people at home and overseas to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their own communities.

And when the crisis is over, we help people recover and move on with their lives.

How we help people in crisis in the UK

History and origin

Red Cross nurses with patients

Find out about our history and the international Movement's establishment.

More about our history >

The international Movement

Boy with aid parcels

Read about how we work as part of a global Red Cross network.

What is the Movement? >

The British Red Cross museum and archives contain a fascinating portrait of our humanitarian work, from our beginnings in 1870 to today.

Read about our leadership, our plans for the future and what we have already achieved.

We seek to ensure that our organisation and our services are relevant and accessible to all.

Our values point the way to how we behave in our daily work within the organisation and with those in need.


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Be ready to respond in any emergency

Every crisis is personal

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