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First aid true stories

Do you really need to learn first aid skills? How useful could they be in your everyday life? Read our true stories and  see for yourself.

First aid stories

First aider Amy Winton has always wanted to help people since she was ‘really little’ – and now she’s putting her childhood ambition into practice with the Red Cross.

When Becky Fry’s 93-year-old grandmother started to choke and turn blue, her horrified family were stuck to the spot – but first aider Becky knew exactly what to do.

When a man suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing at a busy airport, Brigitte Bellwood didn’t hesitate to act.

When 93-year-old Vera House fell at home and sustained a nasty gash to her head, first aider Chris Cox was the first on the scene.

Following a cross-country race, Iain Kennedy collapsed and – technically – died. But first aider Dionne Burns was there to help.

When a fellow train passenger collapsed on Ed Higgins’ lap, he was at a loss what to do – but luckily a British Red Cross first aider was in the same carriage.

Young volunteer Fergus Carter-Brazier has single-handedly launched a first aid project for young mums and dads.

When first aider Jaimi McLean came across a serious car crash on a busy motorway, he didn’t hesitate to help.

First aid trainer Jock McGowan took action when his lesson was interrupted by a real-life emergency.

Jonny had a close call when his baby boy narrowly survived an emergency – but now he’s first aid trained and much more confident.

One of the perks of being an event first aid volunteer is going to your favourite events – just ask horse-mad Kay Clow, who attends Burghley Horse Trials each year.

When Linda Archer’s friend fell and was knocked out cold in a remote location, her first aid skills came in very useful.

Margaret Shaw, a Romany Gypsy Traveller, put her first aid training into practice when a neighbour's baby stopped breathing

First aider Martyn Wheeler and his colleagues saved someone’s life at a bustling tribute band festival.

For first aiders Matt and Rosie, emergencies are like buses – nothing happens for ages then two big ones come along at once.

Our first aiders get to visit all kinds of interesting events – just ask Alan Edwards, who joins 30,000 screaming football fans in Birmingham most weekends.

Melody Fears was enjoying a quiet holiday when she saw a man suddenly collapse in a busy car park – but she didn’t hesitate to act.

When confronted with a cardiac arrest casualty, Mel Palmer had to give CPR for a gruelling eight minutes – and saved the man’s life.

When Nessa Humphries was struck by a car, our experienced first aiders were soon on hand to help out.

When a fun event suddenly went horrifically wrong for a police community support officer, first aid volunteers rushed to provide emergency help.

Rachel Maisey took our baby and child first aid course – and just three weeks later, used the new skills to save her young son’s life.

Event first aid volunteer Ray Riva had to contend with a dramatic emergency while on duty at a packed rugby game.

Richard Blewer was at work in Warrington when a colleague phoned from round the corner to say an injured driver needed a first aider. Here’s his story:

When Sally Hutchinson found her husband not breathing in their home, her first aid skills made a life-saving difference.

Sam Snelling and his wife didn’t plan for a home birth – but their unborn child clearly had other ideas.