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First aid true stories

Do you really need to learn first aid skills? How useful could they be in your everyday life? Read our true stories and  see for yourself.

First aid stories

When Leanne spotted her baby having a febrile seizure, her first aid knowledge helped give her daughter the support she needed.

When a man suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing at a busy airport, Brigitte Bellwood didn’t hesitate to act.

When photographer Tony had a heart attack, our quick-thinking first aid volunteers saved his life.

Event first aid volunteer Ray Riva had to contend with a dramatic emergency while on duty at a packed rugby game.

One of the perks of being an event first aid volunteer is going to your favourite events – just ask horse-mad Kay Clow, who attends Burghley Horse Trials each year.

When a man suffered cardiac arrest in his back garden, the outlook was bleak – until three sportsmen at a golf course next door heard his wife’s cries for help.

Just an hour after completing our first aid course, Mamta Juneja saw a motorcyclist flying past her through the air on a busy road.

The whole point of rehab is that you’re the one getting help – but four recovering addicts turned that thinking on its head when they stepped up to save a stricken motorist.

When the car in front of him swerved off the road and crashed into a tree, Tim Tunks didn’t hesitate to help – because he knew he could count on his first aid training.

Following a cross-country race, Iain Kennedy collapsed and – technically – died. But first aider Dionne Burns was there to help.

When Becky Fry’s 93-year-old grandmother started to choke and turn blue, her horrified family were stuck to the spot – but first aider Becky knew exactly what to do.

When a pensioner had a nasty fall outside a shopping mall and knocked himself unconscious, a nearby group of schoolkids didn’t hesitate to help.

Inexperienced young drivers are much more likely to be involved in a road accident – so we’ve launched a new project to teach them life-saving skills.

Pensioner Alex McTaggart saved Megan Higgins' life when she was just a baby – and was moved to tears when they were recently reunited.

Just weeks after learning first aid with the British Red Cross, three students helped a pensioner who collapsed while walking his dog.

When a woman suffered an epileptic seizure on a packed train, Kayleigh showed that being a wheelchair-user is no barrier to providing first aid.

Just months after taking a first aid course, Apryl Hammett came across a road traffic accident – and jumped straight in to help.

Meet Liam Mills, the first aid specialist who provides life-saving support at festivals and events – and he’s still just 16 years old.


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