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Health and social care

Independent living

Volunteer and client share a joke

We provide support at home, transport and mobility aids to help people when they face a crisis in their daily lives.

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Health issues

Young people learning about HIV in South Africa

We help vulnerable communities tackle health issues like HIV, TB and water and sanitation.

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Social support overseas

An elderly Mongolian lady stands outside her hut beside a Red Cross volunteer

We support elderly, socially isolated or otherwise vulnerable people around the world.

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Read stories of people we’ve helped

Nobody likes visiting the dentist, but poor Ann’s dental phobia meant she hadn’t had a check-up for 40 years – and she was in painful misery.

After pensioner Jeremy Norton suffered a crunching fall and ended up in hospital, we made sure he got home safe and sound again.

When Batyrkhan found out he was living with HIV, his family stood by him. But his employer and even hospital doctors reacted very differently.

Constantin Dukhanin faced fear and discrimination to turn his life around. Now he hopes to have a family and enjoy a brighter future.


Latest health news

The government has given the British Red Cross £500,000 so our volunteers can provide extra support at 17 hospitals over the next 12 weeks.

The head of the IFRC has warned that there is no quick fix to halting Ebola.

The new chief executive of the British Red Cross has called for greater international support to fight Ebola.