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Community health care

There's a lot people can do to maintain their health as long as they have the right information. Through our local network of volunteers and staff, we visit communities and teach them how to prevent diseases such as cholera and malaria.

We support community-based health-care programmes, which address the health needs of vulnerable families in both urban and rural areas, in Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.

A girl washes her hands in water coming from a well pump in Afghanistan

Health care in Afghanistan

After decades of conflict in Afghanistan, a Red Cross community health programme is making a real difference for thousands of people.

Mobile cinema in Sierra Leone

Health care in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world and has been badly affected by the Ebola outbreak. Read how the Red Cross is working to improve community-based health care.


International news

The British Red Cross has launched an urgent appeal to help people affected by violence in Myanmar.

The British Red Cross has launched an appeal for those affected by Hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

Music student Rami fled Syria with just his violin. Now his first album will help support us to reach others like him.