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Lessons based on stimulating videos, intriguing photos and challenging real-life situations, ideal for citizenship, PSHE and beyond.

Alcohol and first aid

Split-screen still of a girl drinking

Use these videos and activities to build young people's ability to cope in a crisis.

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Economic crisis

A busy scene showing a line of three people passing plastic shopping bags to each other

An economic crisis is also a humanitarian crisis. Explore how, why and what can be done.

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Armed police search for an armed man in a residential area. Explore what happens.

Schools are not always safe places. Find out why and explore drills that can save lives.

An argument breaks out in a queue. Explore what might help calm things and what wouldn't.

A hurricane is approaching. Do you stay or go? Track the real-life choices one man made.

First aid

Three interactive lessons specially designed to teach first aid and safety to children aged 5 – 11 years old.

Two lessons designed to help you teach first aid to young people aged 11–16.

This citizenship lesson plan examines a real life knife crime incident.

Explore practical questions about the barriers to helping based on what happened the night Stephen Lawrence died.


A lesson plan exploring the story behind a photograph of a child soldier in Liberia.

This lesson plan looks at the way children and young people are recruited into fighting.

Attacking health workers during a conflict is a crime. It happens a lot. Find out more.

Why are these boys camera shy? Explore reactions to photography, in Afghanistan and the UK.

A lesson plan based the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Humanity in action

Ask students to explore the complex issue of global migration through this lesson plan.

A woman trapped in flood waters is hanging on, screaming for help. Would you take a photograph?

Engage students' common humanity to explore refugees' experiences and needs.

A radio broadcast by a teenage princess triggers the exploration of what pupils know and think about refugees.

A woman stumbles into a fountain while checking her phone. Watch, smile, then dive into a pool of ethical issues.


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In addition to our teaching resources we have a range of options to help teachers bring important humanitarian messages and resilience into the classroom.

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