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Lessons based on stimulating videos, intriguing photos and challenging real-life situations, ideal for citizenship, PSHE and beyond.

Alcohol and first aid

Split-screen still of a girl drinking

High on the list of social skills worth learning is that of staying alive. Use these house party video triggers and activities to build young people's ability to cope in a crisis.

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Economic crisis

A busy scene showing a line of three people passing plastic shopping bags to each other

An economic crisis is also a humanitarian crisis. Explore how, why and what can be done.

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Armed police search for an armed man in a residential area. Explore what happens.

Schools are not always safe places. Find out why and explore drills that can save lives.

An argument breaks out in a queue. Explore what might help calm things and what wouldn't.

A hurricane is approaching. Do you stay or go? Track the real-life choices one man made.

First aid

Three interactive lessons specially designed to teach first aid and safety to children aged 5 – 11 years old.

Two lessons designed to help you teach first aid to young people aged 11–16.

This citizenship lesson plan examines a real life knife crime incident.

Explore practical questions about the barriers to helping based on what happened the night Stephen Lawrence died.


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In addition to our teaching resources we have a range of options to help teachers bring important humanitarian messages and resilience into the classroom.

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