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Lessons based on stimulating videos, intriguing photos and challenging real-life situations, ideal for citizenship, PSHE and beyond.

Alcohol and first aid

Split-screen still of a girl drinking

High on the list of social skills worth learning is that of staying alive. Use these house party video triggers and activities to build young people's ability to cope in a crisis.

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Stigma and migration

Community Initiative Works To Reduce Violence In Immigrant Heavy District

Understand the harmful effects of stigma, reflect on assumptions about migration and think critically about what makes us who we are.

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Introduce primary children to the concept of emergencies and preparedness.

An argument breaks out in a queue. Explore what might help calm things and what wouldn't.

A burning car with an injured student lying beneath it. What happens? Watch and be amazed.

Schools are not always safe places. Find out why and explore drills that can save lives.

First aid

The perfect tool for teaching primary children life-saving skills.

Give young people the skills and confidence to help in a first aid emergency.

This citizenship lesson plan examines a real life knife crime incident.


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