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Newsthink is our free, topical email for teachers which looks at news stories from a humanitarian perspective.

The regular teaching resource is packed full of ideas for teachers on how to help young people explore current affairs and the world around them, using real-life examples from the news to prompt discussion and encourage understanding.

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In the latest editions

The cellist Vedran Smajlović playing in the partially destroyed National Library in Sarajevo in 1992 during the Balkans war

Music quiz 2017

13 Jul 2017

An end-of-term music quiz that’s fast-moving and sometimes humorous, with plenty of opportunity for thoughtful discussion and expression of opinion.

Police officers and members of the emergency services attend to a person injured in a terror attack on London Bridge in central London on 3rd June 2017

London Bridge attack

14 Jun 2017

Explore how acting with humanity can make a difference to people affected by the London Bridge attack, and consider the role of emergency planning in reducing harm.

Parkour coach Ibrahim al-Kadiri and Muhannad al-Kadiri demonstrate their skills amid damaged buildings in the city of Inkhil in Syria

Parkour and surfer survival

13 Jun 2017

Find out about young Syrians who practise Parkour – the sport of climbing, running and jumping around buildings. In addition, discuss luck and preparation in times of crisis with the story of a surfer who survived 32 hours at sea.

Members of the public paying respect to those affected by the Manchester bombing

Manchester and London attacks: support for children

02 Jun 2017

How can primary teachers support children when shocking and distressing events appear in the news? This resource provides guidance and activities to help children explore their emotions.

People hold placards as they take part in a vigil for the victims of an attack on concert goers at Manchester Arena 23rd May 2017

Manchester attack: support for young people

24 May 2017

This edition encourages young people to consider ways that the public helped each other after the explosion in Manchester. It also explores the role of practical help and emotional support.

Red cross staff helping mothers and children in Badanrero

East Africa facing hunger

20 Apr 2017

Food shortages are hard to contemplate, but this edition of Newsthink provides thoughtful activities for approaching the current crises in East Africa and Yemen.

Person being treated by ambulance personnel after an attack in Westminster

Westminster attacks

24 Mar 2017

Westminster has been the site of a sudden, unexpected attack. The heart of London saw loss of life and severe injuries, but also people moving to help and support one another.

House on fire in Oxfordshire

Fires, quakes and drones

15 Mar 2017

The world can change in an instant. What was once familiar and predictable can disappear suddenly. That was what happened in Oxford in February when people returned home to find that their apartment block had exploded.

Protestors demonstrate at Los Angeles International Airport on 29 January in response to a US ban on all refugees and people from several countries

Welcome fellow humans

08 Feb 2017

The ban on refugees and people from several countries entering the United States dominated news coverage. Explore the impact on the people affected, including two sisters who waited at an airport while their mother was detained.

A penguin walks along a frozen beach

Winter weather

25 Jan 2017

Like other forms of adversity, bad weather is an opportunity – to solve problems, help others, practise skills and build understanding. These activities cover topics from coping emotionally to calculating the cost–benefit of evacuation.

Girl among group of other students

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Subscribe to Newsthink

Girl among group of other students

Enter your email to get free, topical teaching ideas delivered straight to your inbox.