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Fundraising alphabet

We've got loads of fundraising ideas for you, from auctions of promises to zoo animal fancy dress parties – check out the full A-Z of fundraising ideas.

Promise to do someone's laundry for a week, make a meal for two, or anything else you can think of – then auction your promise for us.

Are your friends football mad? Organise a penalty shoot to raise funds and have fun too. It couldn't be easier.

Perhaps the oldest trick in the book – a charity car wash. Put on some tunes, bring out the sponges and get scrubbing. It's a fantastic fundraiser.

Do you love dogs? Spend time with your canine friends relaxing and walking in the park whilst raising funds too - it's the perfect mix.

Take a trip back to childhood for the time-old tradition of egg and spoon racing. With or without balancing skills, it's sure to be a laugh.

Your favourite sweets have the answer for quick and easy fundraising. - fill a tube and you could collect as much as £27.

Are your cupboards over-flowing? Turn your trash into someone else's treasure and sell your goods for us. Every penny can make a difference.

Do you have fancy hairstyling skills? Corn rows, fish bones or French – whatever your speciality, get braiding and raise some funds for us.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a Delia in the kitchen? Or an artist in the making? Hold a cake decorating competition and have some creative fun.

Beads, silver or pasta – whatever takes your fancy – get creative and sell your jewellery for us. You could even set some trends whilst at it.

Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height. Find a windy spot, pick your kite and show off your tricks at a kite flying festival.

It's not glamorous, but you'll be raising money and helping the environment too. Collect money from your friend and clean the streets in return

Do you love sport and dream of being in the Olympics? Hold your own mini version of the games with an event for everyone.

Is netball your game? Organise a tournament and raise funds for us. Gather your friends, form some teams and it's sure to be a day of fun.

Organise a day out for all the family. Set up stalls from apple bobbing to custard pie throwing to wacky races - let your imagination run wild.

Are you a green-fingered god or goddess? Put your gardening skills to good use and raise funds for us by holding a charity plant sale.

Cash in on that competitive spirit and hold a quiz night for all your friends. Set a theme or keep it general - whatever suits them best.

There's no better time to fundraise than Red Cross week, which takes place every year in May.

Are you renowned chatterbox? Keep schtum for the day and get all your friends and family to sponsor you for your efforts.

This one never fails to produce a laugh. Test your co-operation skills and gather your friends for some three-legged fun.

Everyone loves a mufty day. It's super easy and amazing how much one can raise. Talk to your school and see if you can hold one.

Perfect for a sunny day at the beach or even a rainy day inside - hold a volleyball tournament with all your friends and raise funds for us.

Who can chuck it the farthest? Sling those wellies and see. It couldn't be simpler and you'll raise loads of funds and plenty more laughs.

He's behind you! Oh no he doesn't, oh yes he does! You know the formula, so why not organise one yourself - a pantomime for all the family?

Do you and your friends have some nifty yo-yo skills? Why not hold a competition and raise funds for us? The most impressive trick wins.

From giraffes and monkeys to zebras, elephants, kangaroos and jaguars. Pick your favourite animal and hold a fabulous zoo-themed party.