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Why volunteer with us?

You’re young. You’re busy. You’ve got friends, school, family, work, sports and probably a hundred other commitments. So why spend your precious free time volunteering with the Red Cross?

You’ll do great things

Volunteering with the Red Cross is about making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people in your community and around the world. Find out more about the incredible ways people of all ages have helped their communities by volunteering for us.

It doesn’t have to take a lot of time

It’s true that some of our voluntary roles - such as first aid - will involve some initial training, but we also have lots of opportunities for young people who are short of time.

It looks great on your CV

Employers are always impressed to see prospective employees actively involved in the world around them. The Red Cross is one of the most respected and best-known humanitarian charities in the world. Volunteering with us will make your CV stand out in a crowd.

You can learn new things

Whether it’s performing first aid, giving presentations or pricing merchandise, most of our voluntary opportunities give you the chance to develop new skills and gain confidence. You'll also get to see from the inside how charities work and whether you might like to make a career in the charity sector.

There are awards to recognise your contribution

Of course you don’t volunteer just to win an award, but we think it’s important to recognise the amazing work our volunteers do. That's why we promote these awards for young volunteers and encourage you to apply.

True story: From the Red Cross to the BBC

Jessica, 24, was an intern with the communications division in London. She said: “I had come from a banking background and was taking a career break to decide what I wanted to do next. I wanted to see what it was like to work for a charity.

“Volunteering with the Red Cross undoubtedly helped me achieve my goals. I grew substantially in confidence and really embraced the friendly and supportive environment.”

After interning with the Red Cross, Jessica went on to work for the BBC.

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