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Help for those who feel alone

Throughout the UK, we know lots of people are experiencing feelings of loneliness and social isolation. 

This hidden issue is problematic because it affects people’s health and wellbeing and places additional pressure on our hard-pressed public services

The British Red Cross has long supported people facing these issues through our existing services. Now we are extending our support to even more communities across the UK in partnership with Co-op.

In 2017 and over the next two years we will be helping up to 12,500 more people through two services – community connectors and support at home.

Community connectors

Our brand-new community connectors service will provide up to 12 weeks of person-centre support to someone experiencing loneliness or social isolation and help connect them to their community. The focus will be on building a person’s confidence and sense of identity and purpose. Support is tailored to a person’s specific needs, depending on the stage of loneliness or isolation.  

Support at home

Our support at home service offers up to 12 weeks of person-centred practical and emotional support to people returning home from hospital or after a period of ill health. Mutually agreed goals are set to help people make positive steps towards regaining their confidence and independence.

More about our services

These new services are being introduced in almost 40 areas across the UK from the north of Scotland to the west of Cornwall, where we have identified particularly high levels of unmet need.

Our research found that life transitions are key triggers for loneliness. So we are focusing our services on these moments to prevent loneliness from taking hold in the first place, to respond quickly when it does, and to help people recover once they’ve hit crisis point.

Preventing minor situations escalating into crises is more cost-effective than picking up the pieces – and better for the individual. Addressing loneliness and social isolation is no different.   


Loneliness and isolation

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