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Emergency response volunteering

In an emergency you’ll be there to help when someone needs it most. Whether you’re reassuring someone after a fire or organising food for a flooded community, you’ll provide vital assistance day or night.

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I get great satisfaction from helping people to think straight again at a time of crisis and looking after their needs – even if it’s just a cup of tea.”
Volunteer Monty Wild

Typical roles include:

Emergency response volunteer

In an emergency such as a transport incident, evacuation, flood or fire, you’ll be there to help. You’ll support the emergency services at a rest centre, or provide first aid or transport assistance. You could also provide practical and emotional help to people who have suddenly found themselves homeless following a fire, evacuation, industrial accident or flood.

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Community reserve volunteer

Want to help your local community when a crisis strikes? Sign up to become a community reserve volunteer. We will call on you only when we need extra hands during a big local emergency. . It’s perfect for those who want to help but aren't able to commit to long-term volunteering. Find out more here.

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Emergency response stories

We helped the Dawes family after their house caught fire. Their neighbours were so impressed by our volunteers they even raised money to help fund our work.

When a water pipe burst, an elderly couple were beside themselves with worry – until our volunteers arrived.