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First aid

First aid advice

Seven people posing on a street

Learn the essential skills to use in an emergency.

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First aid products

First aid kit and its contents

Check out our range of first aid supplies, including books, kits and videos.

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Baby and child first aid

Woman and man comforting a girl sitting on the floor with a tea towel cold compress applied to her head.

Learn how to help a baby or child in need.

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Event first aid and ambulance support

Event first aid volunteer smiles reassuringly as she holds an ice pack to a girl's arm

Our teams of trained first aiders provide support at public events across the UK.

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First aid true stories

Vikki Stow with her daughter Tamsin who needed first aid for a burn

Find out how first aid skills have helped people in real life situations.

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First aid app

Woman holding an iPad running British Red Cross Baby and Child First Aid app

Get life-saving skills at your fingertips with our free app. 

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Twitter: Friday first aid

Join us every Friday at 2pm on Twitter for first aid tips and advice: #FridayFirstAid

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