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First aid

First aid advice

Seven people posing on a street

Learn the essential skills to use in an emergency.

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First aid training

Man treating boy with burnt arm using hosepipe

We offer first aid courses for work or your everyday life, plus tailored first aid training for those who need it most.

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First aid products

First aid kit and its contents

Check out our range of first aid supplies, including books, kits and videos.

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Baby and child first aid

Woman and man comforting a girl sitting on the floor with a tea towel cold compress applied to her head.

Learn how to help a baby or child in need.

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Event first aid and ambulance support

Event first aid volunteer smiles reassuringly as she holds an ice pack to a girl's arm

Our teams of trained first aiders provide support at public events across the UK.

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First aid true stories

Vikki Stow with her daughter Tamsin who needed first aid for a burn

Find out how first aid skills have helped people in real life situations.

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Learn and share

HMC Global

Our #learnandshare campaign has one simple aim – we want you to learn first aid and share your skills with others, so more people can help to save lives.

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Don't stop at 999

A woman approaches an unconscious cyclist who has fallen off his bike

Learn how two first aid skills could help save a life while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

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