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First aid training

 We provide first aid training for every need, including a range of courses for members of the public and first aid at work courses for those who need to comply with health and safety requirements.

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We can also offer bespoke first aid courses for specific groups – such as school groups, people with disabilities or sports teams – that will focus on their particular needs. Our trainers can even come to your venue.

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There are first aid courses running at hundreds of locations across the UK. Find the nearest training venue and book a place online at a time and place that suits you. Alternatively, you can train as a group for any of our public and workplace courses.

To find out more about the first aid courses available in your area or to discuss your requirements, call 0844 871 8000. You can also use our course calculator to find the right course for you.

First aid for the general public

We offer two distinct approaches to learning first aid for members of the public.

Everyday First Aid (two hours)

This is a flexible way of  learning basic first aid skills - simple to learn and easy to remember. Using everyday scenarios and items, these sessions cover the first aid skills that are most relevant to you in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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Other first aid courses

We offer a range of courses – lasting from two to 14 hours – where you can learn life-saving skills, including how to diagnose and treat casualties in emergency situations.

Save a life (two hours)

Learn and practise the basic skills that could save a life in an emergency – such as helping someone who is choking or unconscious.

Book a place on our save a life course


Emergency life support (four hours)

This short course covers some key life-saving skills and will give you the confidence to deal with many emergencies –such as unconsciousness, choking and bleeding.

Book a place on our emergency life support course


General first aid (one day)

This course covers all the common first aid situations anyone could face – such as dealing with unconsciousness, burns, bleeding, choking, broken bones, diabetes and head injuries.

Book a place on our general first aid course


Practical first aid (two days)

This highly practical course uses imaginary scenarios, such as road accidents, to help participants practise first aid techniques. It covers the full range of life-saving and first aid skills, including how to deal with an unconscious person and major injuries and illnesses.

Book a place on our practical first aid course


First aid for baby and child (one day)

Recommended for parents, grandparents or those caring for children and/or babies. Learn what to do if a child or baby starts choking, becomes unconscious or swallows something harmful. Includes medical emergencies, such as meningitis.

Book a place on our babies and children first aid course


First aid for adult

This five hour course teaches you how to deal with many common first aid situations affecting adults, including heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. We also offer a two-day first aid for adult evening course.

Book a place on our first aid for adult course

First aid for the workplace

The British Red Cross is one of the UK’s leading first-aid-training providers. We offer first aid courses for the workplace and are the chosen provider for more than 75,000 organisations.

First aid at work (three days)

This course is for employees who work in environments with higher hazards and risks based on their needs assessment. You will earn the first aid at work (FAW) certificate, which is valid for three years.
Book a place on our first aid at work course

First aid at work requalification (two days)

This course is for candidates who need to renew a valid first aid at work (FAW) certificate.
Book a place on our first aid at work requalification course


Emergency first aid at work (one day)

This course is ideal for those who work in lower hazard environments (e.g. offices, shops, libraries) or where your needs assessment identifies a requirement for a first aider trained in emergency first aid at work (EFAW). The certificate is valid for three years.
Book a place on our emergency first aid at work course


First aid for appointed persons 

This course is for employees who require an Appointed Person for first aid in the workplace where HSE guidance indicates a first aider is not necessary.
Book a place on our first aid for appointed persons course

First aid annual skills update

This course is designed for candidates who wish to refresh their existing first aid at work training.
Book a place on our first aid annual skills update course


First aid for child carers

This course has been designed to meet the first aid training needs of child-minders and child carers. It meets the needs of Sure Start and Early Years and is appropriate for members of NCMA and PLA as well as anyone who is caring for children.
Book a place on our first aid for child carers course

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