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Help the Red Cross prepare for disasters. Your donation will be used to help people in crisis across the world.

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Nobody can predict the exact location of the next hurricane, earthquake, flood or violent conflict. But when they happen, the Red Cross must be ready to act as soon as we're needed.

Thanks to the Disaster Fund, we can make sure we're ready to give people the help they need in an emergency – whether it's food, shelter, healthcare, or another form of support.

How we have used the funds recently

Area Date Amount Disaster
Westminster April 2017 £10,000 Victim Support (more info)

Disaster: In March 2017, a terrorist attack took place in Westminster where 4 people were killed and over 50 people were injured.

For: Supporting the victims and their families.

Somalia March 2017 £100,000 Drought (more info)

Severe drought in Somalia
Disaster: Severe drought has engulfed Somalia leaving over 1 million people in need of assistance with a famine warning being issued in January 2017.

For: Targeting the most effected households in the area for 3 months with unconditional cash transfers and unrestricted end use of the monthly cash in order to meet the nutritional needs of the daily caloric intake.

Peru March 2017 £100,000 Flood (more info)

Severe flooding in Peru
Disaster: Since January 2017 Peru has experienced heavy rain, with some areas seeing more than a decade’s worth of rain. This has led to the Peruvian Government declaring a state of emergency and a 90 day sanitary emergency, as water and sanitation systems have collapsed.

For: Delivering urgent assistance and support to over 50,000 people affected by the floods in northern Peru over 12 months.

Bangladesh December 2016 £100,000 Population Movement (more info)

Mass cross-border population movement in Bangladesh
Disaster: Violence in the northern part of Rakhine State in Mynamar has led to mass cross-border population movement. Thousands of people have crossed the border into Bangladesh with many of the new arrivals having no access to income sources and inadequate access to food.

For: To support 25,000 people over an initial period of 9 months, through the provision of food, water and sanitation .

Philippines November 2016 £70,000 Typhoon (more info)

Woman receiving assistance after Typhoon Haima struck
Disaster: Typhoon Haima made landfall in Luzon on the 18th October with strong winds of up to 225kph. The humanitarian impact was substantial, partly due to other typhoons hitting the area.

For: Helping 20,000 people affected with immediate and medium-term assistance through livelihoods activities and cash grants.

Haiti October 2016 £25,000 Hurricane (more info)

Boy holding buckets
Disaster: On 4 October 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti, affecting over two million people and causing widespread damage.

For: Providing emergency relief items, including hygiene kits and plastic buckets.

Lake Chad October 2016 £207,094 Conflict (more info)
Ashe holds her two-year-old daughter, Amahani, in Muna informal camp
Disaster: For five years, there has been on-going fighting in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon. With 21 million people affected, there is an urgent need of assistance.

For: Helping to distribute food, build shelters and provide access to vital healthcare for those who so urgently need assistance.

Kenya September 2016 £400,000 Drought (more info)

Severe drought in Kenya
Disaster: In February 2017, the Kenyan government declared a national disaster following the consecutive poor rainy seasons which have led to severe drought.

For: To reach 3,000 households with cash transfers, repair of community water systems and health/ nutrition outreach teams for three months.

Democratic Republic of North Korea September 2016 £100,000 Flood (more info)

North Koreans wading through flood water
Disaster: In August severe flooding occurred in the Democratic Republic of Korea after more than 300mm of rain fell in just 2 days. The Tuman River burst its banks leading to an immediate threat to the lives of people in nearby villages.

For: To support 330,000 people affected by the floods for 12 months, prioritising winter hygiene kits and household first aid kits.

Bangladesh June 2016 £152,253 Tropical cyclone (more info)

A little Bangladeshi girl carried by her mother. In the bacnkground, a Red Crescent volunteer carries out a needs assessement.
Disaster: Cyclone Roanu hit Bangladesh on 21 May 2016, destroying homes and crops and leaving thousands of people in desperate need of emergency relief.

For: Providing urgently needed shelter and medical assistance to people affected by the cyclone, and supporting families to recover their livelihoods.

Timor Leste June 2016 £75,000 Drought (more info)

Timor Leste Red Cross volunteer showing a young boy how to wash his hands using soap and water.
Disaster: A severe drought has left an estimated 120,000 people suffering from critical food and water shortages.

For: Emergency food aid and clean water for affected families, alongside longer term work with local communities around sanitation, disease prevention and livelihood support.

Ecuador May 2016 £139,690 Earthquake (more info)

Disaster: Over 600 people have died and thousands more have been left homeless after a devastating magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit Ecuador on 18 April 2016.

For: Emergency aid for affected families, including shelter, medical assistance, clean water and livelihoods support to help rebuild communities.

Fiji April 2016 £50,000 Tropical cyclone(more info)

Fiji Red Cross Society volunteer and child walking through houses devastated by the tropical cyclone
Disaster: On 20 February 2016, Fiji was hit by a devastating tropical cyclone. Thousands of homes were destroyed, leaving an estimated 350,000 people in desperate need of shelter, safe water and hygiene supplies.

For: Providing emergency assistance to people affected by the cyclone, reuniting separated families and helping to rebuild communities in the long term.

Burundi April 2016 £73,000 Flood (more info)

Women wading through water in flooded Burundi
Disaster: Burundi has suffered from on-going civil unrest with an escalation of violence since mid-2015, followed by the onset of El Nino leading to extensive flooding across the country.

For: Delivering assistance and support to approximately 100,000 people; focusing on healthcare and shelter.

Lesotho February 2016 £200,000 Food insecurity (more info)

Farmers in Lesotho hold food
Disaster: Lesotho is in a state of emergency following the lowest rainfall in 15 years, which has led to chronic drought and food shortages across the country. An estimated 400,000 people are in need of immediate assistance, and there are also fears that the effect of the drought on fresh water supplies will increase the risk of disease outbreaks in already vulnerable communities.

For: Providing emergency water and food aid to affected families; seed distribution and agricultural training for farmers; and health and hygiene promotion to ensure consumption of safe and clean water.

Without the generosity of people like you, we wouldn't have been able to be there and make a difference to thousands of people when they most needed help. By supporting our Disaster Fund, your money will be used as soon as it is needed, anywhere in the world.

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Vital relief supplies are reaching up to 20,000 people affected by serious flooding in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea.

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