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First aid

Train in advanced first aid and you’ll be ready to help at any event, from a community fete to a festival or a football match. 

Or you could teach your first aid skills to others, so that more people can cope in a crisis.

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I enjoy teaching people things and I like to teach other people first aid so that they can be ready to help others if they need to. After all, you never know when you might need to know how to save a life!”
Brad Smith, First aid volunteer
There really wasn’t a dull moment. I love being a Red Cross first aider and always enjoy volunteering, no matter where I’m stationed.”
Linda Izquierdo-Ross, event first aider at Monaco Grand Prix

Typical roles include:

Event first aid service volunteer

Give first aid to people who need help at public events and support the ambulance service.

Event first aid ambulance crew volunteer

Provide first aid and life-saving services to people who need help at public events, accidents and major incidents. You will support the ambulance service with their vital work.

Event first aid support volunteer

Provide vital administrative assistance and help co-ordinate the event first aid team.

Adult first aid educator volunteer

Develop and run first aid learning programmes for different community groups.

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