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First aid

Learn first aid online

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Everyday First Aid makes it easy to learn skills you will need to help in an emergency.

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First aid training

A woman practises putting her colleague into the recovery position

We offer public and workplace first aid courses throughout the UK. You can also train as a group at a venue to suit you.

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Teach first aid

Teacher standing in front of display screen in front of class of children

Throughout the UK, we are helping teachers build a generation of life-savers.

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Event first aid and ambulance support

Event first aid volunteer smiles reassuringly as she holds an ice pack to a girl's arm

Our teams of trained first aiders provide support at public events across the UK.

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First aid campaigns

BRC worker showing First Aid to kids

We promote and teach first aid to people across the UK.

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First aid products

First aid kit and its contents

Check out our range of first aid supplies, including books, kits and videos.

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First aid stories

Ann Brogan's first aid training has proved vital many times – but there's one incident she particularly remembers.

Young drivers are much more likely have a road accident – so we’ve launched a new project to teach them life-saving skills.

Sam Snelling and his wife didn’t plan for a home birth – but their unborn child clearly had other ideas.

Baby and Child First Aid app

 An adult hand holding a baby's hand, with screenshot of the Baby and Child First Aid app

Keep the little ones safe with our free first aid app for Apple and Android.

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