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The British Red Cross speaks out and campaigns on behalf of people in crisis.

Advocacy helps us raise awareness of the conditions facing people who are affected by conflict and disaster. We work with politicians, policy-makers and the public to improve the humanitarian situation of vulnerable people, families and communities in the UK and around the world.

We advocate based on direct experience, and empower vulnerable people to speak out themselves about matters that affect them.

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Health and social care

Snakebite victim Laura Brasher and a Red Cross volunteer

We want to see more people being able to access preventative services, and fewer people reaching crisis point.

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Christiane and her little boy at Portsmouth refugee centre

We want to see a fair, effective, and efficient asylum system that treats people with respect and dignity.

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First aid education

We want first aid education to be integrated into everyday life, from schools and driving tests to public health strategies.

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Advocacy across the UK

Two people standing on a bus

We call on decision-makers in the devolved nations to take action so all parts of the UK are better prepared for crisis.

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Advocacy news

Red Cross welcomes Spring Budget social care funding and long-term plan

The British Red Cross is thrilled by government plans that could see all children in England learning first aid at school.

A group of young refugees have written a letter appealing for safer routes for children fleeing conflict.

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