Our policies

We are committed to transparency. You can read summaries of our policies and download the full documents.

Client/service user charter

This policy sets out what our service users can expect from the British Red Cross and its staff in terms of the services we provide and the code of conduct we work by.


It also outlines the kind of conduct we expect from our service users towards the British Red Cross and its staff.

Code of conduct

We are committed to providing the people who work, volunteer and engage with us with an environment which is safe, inclusive and collaborative.

Our code of conduct ensures that all of our people understand the behaviour expected of them. This includes upholding the highest ethical, professional and quality standards in the support we provide to people in crisis.

When British Red Cross people work internationally as part of the international Red Cross Red Crescent Movement (including when on secondment), the standards set out in the IFRC and ICRC Codes of conduct will apply. This is in addition to the British Red Cross Code of conduct.

Complaints, concerns and feedback policy

It sets out the standards we have when responding to a complaint, concern or feedback about our work.

This includes the behaviour of our staff, volunteers or those working on our behalf.

Conflicts of interest policy

This policy helps staff, volunteers and board members understand conflicts of interest, including:

  • where they might happen
  • how they can be avoided
  • how to manage them when identified.

Confidentiality policy

This policy sets out our commitment to the confidentiality of personal and business information.

It also states our responsibilities regarding their disclosure.


Data protection policy

It sets out how we meet our legal obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. 

This includes ensuring that we safely and securely process the information that service users and supporters share with us, especially sensitive information.

Disability policy

This policy explains how we will meet our commitment to increase the percentage of disabled people providing our services, and increase accessibility in our services, programmes and retail shops. 

Green policy

The policy ensures that the British Red Cross does all we can to mitigate climate change and its impact.

Equality and diversity policy

It sets out our commitment to encouraging diversity and equality of opportunity among our volunteers, staff and delegates. 

Find out more about how we implement our equality and diversity policy. 

Ethical policy

This policy sets out the ethical standards for our organisation to make sure that we take a consistent ethical approach across all of our operations.

Harassment and bullying procedure

We will not tolerate any form of harassment and bullying, including abuse or misuse of power.

This procedure encourages our staff, delegates and volunteers to raise any concerns they have in confidence so that we can take appropriate action in response.

Health and safety policy

It meets our requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, which requires that our policy for health and safety comprises a number of parts.

This policy sets out our high-level commitment to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of our people, as well as those who use our services and visit our premises. 

Information governance policy

The information governance policy is the primary policy under which all other information governance policies, procedures and guidance relating to the management of information and data come under. 

The information classification policy outlines the information classification scheme we have in place as well as our information handling standards. 

Political and other affiliations policy

Our staff and volunteers must not have a high public profile in the public sphere or other fields which might reflect adversely on our organisation or the Fundamental Principles.

This policy provides clear advice to our people to ensure that we uphold the Fundamental Principles. 

Reserves policy

It ensures our work is protected from the risk of disruption at short notice due to a lack of funds, while ensuring we do not retain income for longer than required.

The reserves policy is kept under regular review and reserves levels are adjusted as perceptions of risk and other factors change.

Safeguarding policy

It ensures that all of our people understand their duties towards children, young people and adults at risk of abuse or harm, and know how to respond appropriately when concerns are raised.

Social media policy

The policy sets out how British Red Cross people should engage with social media, including corporate and personal channels. It also shows our people their responsibilities when using social media. 

Transparency and accountability policy

This policy describes how we publish information about our structure and operations. It gives people the chance to evaluate how we’re performing in delivering services to people in crisis.

It also details how we will respond to requests for information.

Travel and expenses policy

It outlines the process employees are expected to follow when making arrangements to travel on official business, as well as the process for reimbursement of official travel costs.