Log in to RedRoom, SAVi and OneLogin

Staff and volunteer login

Find out how to log in to British Red Cross IT systems, including Citrix, OneLogin, SAVi, RedRoom, webmail and e-learning platforms, when working remotely.

Using our systems from home or offsite

To keep our systems safe and secure, you access them through our secure portal: https://redcross.onelogin.com

You can use this portal to access:

  • Agresso
  • Citrix Desktop
  • Office 365
  • RedRoom (intranet)
  • Savi Self Service
  • Brand Toolkit
  • i-Central
  • RedMail (webmail)

Below, we set out the processes for logging in to the portal for non-Citrix users (including volunteers) and Citrix users (including staff).

E-learning platforms

There are modules available for staff and volunteers on: 

You can read instructions on logging into the learning portal on RedRoom.

Non-Citrix users (including volunteers)

If you are a volunteer who does not have access to Citrix, you will use your Workforce ID, a password and the answer to a security question to access the portal.

These details should have been provided to you in an email. If you have not received this email, contact the IT Services desk via MySupport - IT portal or calling on 020 7877 7300.

The first time you log in you will need to reset your password and also set the answers to three security questions, but you will only ever be asked one of these after this first visit. The security questions can also be used to reset your password.

You can read detailed instructions on the process for non-Citrix users.

Citrix users (including staff)

All Citrix users will need to enter a security code in addition to their username and password. This is called dual factor authentication.

How to receive your code

You should select the most suitable way of receiving your secure code from the methods described below. If you need to change the method selected please contact the IT Service Desk.

Using a smart phone or tablet device

Download the app OneLogin OTP to your phone or tablet from the app store (Google Play Store, Apple Store or Windows Store). Once the app is downloaded, it will generate a unique code that you can use to access the portal.

You can read detailed instructions on the process for using a smart phone or tablet device.

Using a text message

If you do not have a smart phone you can request a free text message to receive your secure code. Please contact the IT service desk via MySupport - IT portal or on 020 7877 7300 with your workforce ID and the number you would like to receive the codes to. You will require signal in order to receive the code using this method.

You can read detailed instructions on the process for using a text message.

Using a token fob

Where no phone is available or you work in a hospital, you can order a token fob by contacting MySupport - IT portal.

These fobs display a six-digit code which can be entered into the portal.

You can read detailed instructions on the process for using a token fob.

Contact the IT service desk

If you need any further information, contact the IT service desk: